Saturday, Apr. 28, 7:00-9:00 pm

Toronto Free Gallery (1277 Bloor St West) (Lansdowne subway station)

“The Production of Living Knowledge”: Book Launch and Discussion

 Gigi Roggero (author) – University of Bologna, edu-factory Collective

Lenora Hansen – University of Wisconsin-Madison, edu-factory collective

George Caffentzis – University of Southern Maine, Midnight Notes Collective

Enda Brophy – Simon Fraser University, edu-factory collective

Some years ago the edu-factory collective proposed to describe the current situation in terms of a “double crisis”, a combination of the global economic crisis and the crisis of the global university. Today we are witnessing an acceleration of this process, including cuts to public education, the dismantling of programs and departments, the ongoing devaluation of degrees and knowledge, and many other unmistakable symptoms of crisis. In this discussion we propose to introduce “The Production of Living Knowledge,” authored by Gigi Roggero, through collective discussion of some of the urgent topics and questions posed by contemporary struggles and movements, topics that are the heart of the book. Categories such as living knowledge, class composition, the common, institutions of the common, and others used in its pages are not simply abstract categories, but concepts embodied in the creative power of contemporary struggles. Most recently, Occupy – in North America, as well as globally – is affirming the constituent dimension of social movements. In the context of the university the problem we collectively face is not that of defending the status quo ante from corporatization, but to create a new university and new forms for the cooperation of living knowledge. To confront this question, the Toronto meeting, as well as other similar events occurring around the world, are crucial in order to share practices and experiences, and in order to create and improve the transnational networking process.

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