MAY DAY 2012 @ NYU Tuesday, May 1st

NYU Community Picket – 8:30am–9:30am

Bobst Library/Administration Offices (70 Washington Sq. South)

NYU May Day Convergence and Assembly – 2pm

(Followed by March to Union Square)

Washington Square Park

For a Full-listing of Citywide May Day events, visit:

For more NYU May Day info, visit:


A historic coalition, including students, labor unions, immigrant rights organizations, community groups, and Occupy Wall Street will be mobilizing on Tuesday, May 1. NYU4OWS, many other activist groups at NYU, and members of NYU’s faculty stand in support of workers, students, and immigrant rights groups who will participate on May 1 in “A Day without the 99%.”

Moreover, we support those students at our university and others who are walking out of class or work on May 1 as part of a “General Strike” against a system which does not work for us.

Join NYU4OWS and our allies for two events at NYU on May Day, as we stand in opposition to tuition hikes, student debt, student debt-financed expansion, and the corporate governance practices at our university.

First, from 8:30am to 9:30am, NYU students, faculty, and community members will greet the NYU administration with a community picket at Bobst Library as they arrive to work on the morning of May 1st . We will protest the university’s student-debt financed 2031 expansion plan, as well as the administration’s refusal to cut ties with JP Morgan Chase, the leader in foreclosures in New York. We’ll also be standing with the dozens of other community pickets happening at locations around the city on May Day.

Then, at 2pm, students and faculty will gather for a university-wide assembly in Washington Square Park. The assembly will be an opportunity to share our vision for our school and of a more just society. There will be some discussion of the history and importance of May Day for our current moment, as well as chants and speeches from a number of student groups based on campus, focused on getting our university to live up to its human rights obligations. Groups will be tabling, flyering, and doing other kinds of outreach. There will also be face-painting, sign-making, and 1% vs. 99% tug-of-war!

Following these events we will march to Union Square to join the the citywide solidarity rally/march which is scheduled to begin around 4pm.

Check the full roster of student-related activities on May 1 in NYC, including the Free University in Madison Square Park, from 10am-3pm on May 1st!

It’s going to be an energetic day of people power. We look forward to seeing you in the streets!


Any questions?  Feel free to contact :

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