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MAY DAY 2012 @ NYU Tuesday, May 1st

NYU Community Picket – 8:30am–9:30am

Bobst Library/Administration Offices (70 Washington Sq. South)

NYU May Day Convergence and Assembly – 2pm

(Followed by March to Union Square)

Washington Square Park

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A historic coalition, including students, labor unions, immigrant rights organizations, community groups, and Occupy Wall Street will be mobilizing on Tuesday, May 1. NYU4OWS, many other activist groups at NYU, and members of NYU’s faculty stand in support of workers, students, and immigrant rights groups who will participate on May 1 in “A Day without the 99%.”

Moreover, we support those students at our university and others who are walking out of class or work on May 1 as part of a “General Strike” against a system which does not work for us.

Join NYU4OWS and our allies for two events at NYU on May Day, as we stand in opposition to tuition hikes, student debt, student debt-financed expansion, and the corporate governance practices at our university.

First, from 8:30am to 9:30am, NYU students, faculty, and community members will greet the NYU administration with a community picket at Bobst Library as they arrive to work on the morning of May 1st . We will protest the university’s student-debt financed 2031 expansion plan, as well as the administration’s refusal to cut ties with JP Morgan Chase, the leader in foreclosures in New York. We’ll also be standing with the dozens of other community pickets happening at locations around the city on May Day.

Then, at 2pm, students and faculty will gather for a university-wide assembly in Washington Square Park. The assembly will be an opportunity to share our vision for our school and of a more just society. There will be some discussion of the history and importance of May Day for our current moment, as well as chants and speeches from a number of student groups based on campus, focused on getting our university to live up to its human rights obligations. Groups will be tabling, flyering, and doing other kinds of outreach. There will also be face-painting, sign-making, and 1% vs. 99% tug-of-war!

Following these events we will march to Union Square to join the the citywide solidarity rally/march which is scheduled to begin around 4pm.

Check the full roster of student-related activities on May 1 in NYC, including the Free University in Madison Square Park, from 10am-3pm on May 1st!

It’s going to be an energetic day of people power. We look forward to seeing you in the streets!


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An Open Letter in Support of the Students Strike in Québec

An Open Letter in Support of the Student Strike in Québec

We, the students of the City University of New York and State University of New York, openly support the Québécois student strike.  For over nine weeks, post-secondary education students have been on indefinite strike, galvanizing 300,000 people to take the streets and holding the largest student demonstrations in North American history.

Three Brooklyn College student organizers visited Montréal for four days over our spring break to meet with and learn from the student strike–to understand the challenges that Québécois students face and how they have been able to successfully mobilize around their tuition hikes. Even if for only a couple of days, what we witnessed was beyond our wildest dreams of what a student movement could look like and accomplish. We marched with hundreds of students in the strikes, we saw students with pepper spray stained cheeks and the courage to stand up for their right to education.

Québec is rightfully proud of its institutions of higher learning, and Québécois students are rightfully proud of years of work they have put into ensuring that these places remain accessible despite provincial attempts to raise tuition beyond the reach of many Québécois and to convert grants and scholarships in to student loans. In keeping with the tradition that has kept Québec’s tuition the lowest in Canada — an important insurance that education will remain available to the many instead of the few in one of the country’s poorer provinces —  students have taken to the streets to protest tuition increases of 127% over ten years. We see these hikes as an attack on the rights of low-income and communities of color to access higher education, and we find their parallel in the tuition increases that will affect SUNY and CUNY students. Our “rational tuition increase” will result in students and their families having to pay an additional $1500 over the next five years.

In addition to seeing clear connections between the struggles around access to education facing our two provinces, we also see the Québec student strike as a model for gaining legitimate student power in our own city in struggling against the anti-austerity measures affecting students across the United States.

We denounce the violence against strikers and unjust profiling of students in Montréal for exercising their right to protest against unjust policies. In particular, the use of pepper spray to violently hinder the strength of the hard picketing on the part of students.

As an act of solidarity and a symbol of our escalation campaign as a student movement in New York, we are launching a “Red Square Campaign” in which allies wear the very same red squares pinned to their chests as the student strikers of Québec. We do this in solidarity with the student struggles in Québec, and to signify our shared struggles against the neoliberal corporatization of our institutions of higher learning. We will wear the red square because we share a common vision of a truly free university.

Thank you for being an inspiration to students everywhere, despite the colonial borders that separate us. We are together in this fight. Nous sommes ensemble.

Brooklyn College Student Union
The Graduate Center General Assembly

Teachers’ mantra

occupy student debt

Occupy Student Debt
Student debtor stories submitted by the 99%. Submit your story!

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Mess Hall is an experimental cultural center. It is a place where visual art, radical politics, creative urban planning, applied ecological design and other things intersect and inform each other.

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